you need
  • - PC satellite equipment;
  • - GPS-navigator (optional);
  • - satfaynder - a device to adjust the antenna to the satellite - not necessarily.
Before setting up a satellite antenna, you must have installed satellite equipment (network card, antenna, converter) and software installed karty.Zaydite's website http: // and find the satellite, the direction to which you want to define.Open the page with the parameters of the satellite transponders.Check the coverage map to see if your area within range of your signal.If so, write it down its
parameters (symbol rate, coefficient of FEC, polarization, frequency).
Start program in the computer tuner card network, type in the received settings, and then click Scan.If by chance your antenna is not exactly proved to orient the satellite, the program must show the absence of signal - red light on the graphic display and the lack of sound.
determine the coordinates of your location.This can be done with the help of GPS-navigator on a geographical map or by using one of the online services to determine the geographical coordinates.For example, here: on this site are given as a decimal fraction.To put them in degrees, minutes and seconds, use the online service site the decimal coordinates, perform their conversion to degrees with minutes and seconds.
Install program to determine the direction to the satellites SAA (Satellite Antenna Alignmen) and run it.In the opened window find your list of satellites and click on it.The window should appear on the right positioning satellite coordinates.If the required satellite is not listed, enter the coordinates manually.Just below, enter the coordinates of the antenna as defined in the previous step.
In response to the data entry program SAA will give the values ​​of azimuth and elevation angle of the satellite above the horizon.Click on the tab "azimuth of the sun" and specify the time when the sun will be in the same position in azimuth as the satellite (the solar azimuth).Click on the tab "Offset antenna" and determine the elevation angle of the antenna.
Orient the antenna in the position corresponding to the received parameters (azimuth and elevation angle of the antenna).Using satfaynderom (the device to search for and identify satellites), perform precise pointing of the antenna to the satellite.The device should fix the signal.Get it maximum strength and fasten bolts.
the absence satfayndera follow the exact guidance using tuner - moving the antenna in different positions and watching the indicator program.When the presence of the signal is locked until you get a slight shift of its maximum and fix the antenna in this position bolts.