you need
  • - calculator,
  • - scales,
  • - Barometer,
  • - thermometer,
  • - reference book on physics.
Determine the weight in grams of the substance.Use of this balance.

Many foods are sold prepackaged.In this case, there is no question of the title itself.For example, in a standard pack of sugar, this food product is exactly one kilogram.
Locate the directory on the physics of the density of the desired substance.

For more accurate results of subsequent calculations use the available reference correction for pressure, humidity and air temperature.
The density of matter in the directory can be given in various units.If the density is indicated in kg / m - move the density in g / do th
is, turn kilograms to grams and cubic meters - in milliliters.Then substitute in the numerator and denominator of the relevant units and multiply them table-density density (from the table) * 1000 g / ml of one million.
The calculator calculate the volume of the substance: divide the mass density.

Do not forget the unit!
resulting value will determine the ratio of the weight in grams of a substance to its volume in milliliters.