soda solution for colds
With soda in the treatment of bronchitis, rhinitis, viral diseases can help the patient to effectively increase the removal of mucous secretions.It is recommended in one glass of milk is boiling, to dissolve a pinch of baking soda, a drink consumed before bedtime.This tool contributes to liquefaction of mucus by coughing.
When a sore throat
Rinse soda solution very quickly and significantly relieves discomfort in the throat.To prepare soda solution for gargling need to take one teaspoon of baking soda to one glass of unheated water.Gargle necessary as often as possible.By the way, at a cold same soda solution can rinse your nose.
with conjunctivitis
Also suitable weak soda solution
eyewash.Flush eyes must be several times a day, and soda solution should be prepared by adding a glass of water half a teaspoon of baking soda.
When a toothache
prepared soda solution of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a cup of warm water.Rinse your mouth with warm water and enough need five or six times a day.
When painful hangnails
prepare a solution of two tablespoons of baking soda and half a liter of water hot enough.The solution should be cool and hover your fingers several times.Inflammation will take place after the second time.
When excessive sweating
For those who are allergic to deodorant, suitable weak soda solution.In the morning to wipe underarms cotton swab dipped in a solution of soda.This full day will save you from the smell of sweat.
When edemas
Prepare a warm bath, taking half a cup of baking soda to ten liters of water.Hold the leg in such a solution must be about ten minutes.
insect bites
Prepare a traditional soda solution of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water.Several times a day the bites should be lubricated with this solution.
When cosmetic problems
Soda solution will help get rid of the problem of rough and darkened skin on the elbows.To do this, prepare it as follows: 2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with 1 liter of water and soap.After stirring a few minutes the solution infused.Next, you need to spread your elbows enough fat cream and put it in a couple of minutes soda solution.Then you need to rub elbows and again dipped in the solution.