To prepare the silicone rubber, which is scientifically called polydiethylsiloxane, you will need quite common in the household reagents: sodium silicate and ethyl alcohol.
Prepare working conditions and a suitable container, plastic better.Pour into a container in equal proportions waterglass and ethyl alcohol.Gently mix the components using any tool such as a spoon or a wooden stick.When the solution is thickened, it can be brought to the desired state simply by hand kneading.The capacity of a dense mass of white, which will eventually become similar to clay.
When the mass starts to harden, blind from it the desired shape.Do you get it without any difficulty, as the resulting material is soft and pliable, most of it is similar to rubber.Having achieved the desired shape, leave it for a while to give the
final freeze.Silicone rubber is cured, and the shape becomes less susceptible to elastic deformation.
If you want to copy an object, it is better to buy liquid silicone in the store.It contains specific impurities that cause it to freeze more slowly, so it is easier to mold of the desired shape.To produce form grab the container, place it in a sculptural clay and place the object to be copied.The container should not be gaps, and both of its sides must be removable so that it can be easily disassembled and removed silicone mold.
Fill the container with silicone material, starting from the edge.After curing the top of the form carefully remove the clay in a container will remain embedded in the silicone half figure.Repeat on the other side of the fill, and then disassemble the container.The model is removed, and you have in your hands is a form of silicon, which can be used to reproduce the same thing many times.