you need
  • Luminol
  • 2-3 g Water 100 ml
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% (pharmacy) 80ml
  • red blood salt 3g (or copper sulfate, ferric chloride, or dimethyl sulfoxide 30ml)
  • 0,1n.rastvor sodium hydroxide (NaOH) 10 ml (35g of potassium hydroxide, KOH)
  • Fluorescent (important!) dyes:
  • rubrene (red), eosin, fluorescein, brilliant green
  • 2 tubes or flasks
Luminol, or hydrazide 3-aminophthalic acid - yellow powder, which is in neutral and acidic solutions gives a blue glow.It is easily oxidized by peroxide compounds i
n an alkaline medium in the presence of variable valence ions (ions of iron, copper and sulfur).Take a clean flask.Pour it into 100 ml of water.Dissolve 2g luminol powder in water.
Add in the same flask hydrogen peroxide.
Add a pinch of blood salt (K3Fe (CN06). It can be replaced by a more accessible copper sulfate (CuSO4), and ferric chloride (FeCl3), dimethyl sulfoxide (pharmacy "Dimexidum"). By the way, in hemoglobinBlood contains ferrous ions, so even blood can be used in this experiment (which is used in the investigative agencies to detect traces of blood.) But for the experience enough to take blood from a fresh piece of pork, ham, and dilute it with water - a tablespoon of this solution willenough.
alkalize the solution by adding sodium hydroxide. Turn off the light and see how the liquid in the bulb glows a bright blue light.
To change the blue light on a different color,add to the solution of any fluorescence (required) dye. Brilliant green, rubrene, eosin will capture quanta of light emitted by the luminol and re-emit them at a lower frequency, giving other colors.
in experiments using dimethyl sulfoxide, do not dissolve in water, luminol, because the first is sold in liquid form.Just mix in a flask, potassium hydroxide (carefully!), Dimethyl sulfoxide, and 0.1 g of luminol.Close the flask stopper and shake well.There is a long, bright blue light (the color of which can also be changed with fluorescent dyes).When the glow weakened, opening the tap a flask and let some air - it will increase again.
Fluorescence is widely represented nature