you need
  • - Building roulette;
  • - electronic rangefinder.
To measure yardage (area in square meters) room rectangular multiply its length and width.The width and length of the room when it is necessary to record in meters.If the number of meters when measured not an integer (ie the measurement is still present and centimeters), attribute the quantity Santee meters places after the decimal point).For example, measuring 1 meter 23 centimeters will correspond to the number of 1.23.
If the room protrusions or recess from the other rooms, their footage is calculated separately and subtracted or added
to the "square" area of ​​the room.At the same time it should be noted that the projections of the sanitary facilities (eg. The risers) should not be deducted from the area, as they are included in its footage - even if it is of general use.
To measure the number of square meters in a rectangular room, divide it into rectangular areas, and add yardage of each.Of course, this method is suitable only when all corners of the room and additional lines.
When measuring the length and width of the room, use conventional construction tape measure or electronic rangefinder.To get a more accurate result, spend two measurement - all over the wall.If the measurements are different, find the arithmetic average - add up and divide both results of measurements in half.
When used for measuring square footage of the room e (laser) roulette pay special attention to the direction of the beam - it must be strictly perpendicular to the wall.Even a deviation of a few degrees is able to measure even the extra square meter.
If yardage apartment is calculated for the purpose of installation of a heating system "warm floor" on the basis of infrared heating film, it is subtracted from the resulting square meters area of ​​stationary furniture (sofas, beds, cabinets, walls, and kitchen tables).
If the room has a complex shape, the complex plots break into triangles and sectors.To calculate the yardage triangle, measure its side and use the Heron's formula: Streugolnika = √ (p * (p-a) * (p-b) * (p-c)), where p - semiperimeter triangle, that is, p = (a+ b + c) / 2, where a, b and c - the length of its sides.To calculate the area of ​​sector area of ​​a circle using the formula (PR Kvadrat), and then multiply the result by the number of degrees in the sector and divide by 360.