Tip 1: How to make the most embossed on the skin

leather is an excellent material for the manufacture of a wide variety of useful items.Watch straps, bookmarks, key cases and binders notebooks made of leather can be a wonderful gift.This souvenir can be supplemented with a beautiful embossed .
you need
  • stamps, punches, knife-cutter, tailoring knurled corner cutter, kanfarnik, a hammer, a soft brush, foil
Prepare the necessary tools to work.Make a set of stamps (punches).To do this, take a steel or aluminum rods and machined needle files simple patterns, letters, numbers.Cut patterns must be in the form of a mirror.From gears of a mechanical watch fabricate rolling, giving a variety of lines.The tubes of different diameters with sharpened edges perfect for punching.
To perform a blind embossing take a punch with the desired pattern, and heat it over an open fire to about 140 ° C.The temperature is more convenient to select empirically: heat the punch and try it on a test print.
Preheat of the stamp firmly ont
o the skin surface and hit with a hammer on top.When relief came not very deep, it should be heat stamped stronger.If the skin is tan, reduce the heat-up time of the instrument.The optimal temperature of the heating die, begin to spray pattern on the working material.
to perform stamping zagotovte special paint colorful foil.Suitable thin foil from candy wrappers or tea.Melt the wax in a tin or wax.Add a bit of turpentine wax, the material does not freeze, stir well.
Use a soft brush to apply a thin layer of foil sheets of wax.Now, let the wax dry for several hours.After that, apply a coat of wax tempera paints or watercolors, mixed with egg white and tooth powder.After a few minutes the foil is ready for use.
Another coating composition foil cook, adding a wax oil paint.Stir in the melted wax the paint, add the turpentine and stir until smooth.Brush, apply paint on a thin layer of foil.
Proceed with stamping.Heat on fire stamp.On the skin, place a colorful foil layer down.On top of the hot stamp foil set.Press the stamp to the foil on top and hit the hammer.The heated paint goes on the skin and deepening stain relief.

Tip 2: How to draw a stamp

If you need to create a stamp , use the program Photoshop.In using it, you make a realistic image that will later be used in the design.
Create a new document.Its size should be 500 × 300 pixels, if you do not take into account the background fill.Pick a texture resembling paper.When you're ready, start to work.Keep in mind that you first create a better stamp slightly larger.The increase could be around one-fifth of the final desired value.In the future, you will reduce your stamp and get a realistic picture.To create a circle, use the Ellipse tool.Make a circle of any color.Choose the style of Stroke and set the maximum transparency.
Duplicate created layer, and then reduce it.This can be done using the Alt and Shift.Press and hold them simultaneously.At this stage it is important to keep the proportion.Then you should type the desired text on the line of a circle having a smaller diameter.Use the special tool to press in the horizontal direction.It is called: Horizontal Type Tool.Position the cursor so that it is perpendicular with respect to the circumferential line, and print the text.Select the desired font.
Reduce the inner circle again.To fill the empty space, use the form located in the palette of the program and the tool Shape Tool.Place the selected symbols in the correct order.Complete text of the smaller circle.Here you will again feature Horizontal Type Tool.The newly selected font may be different from the first.To make the slope line, use the Ctrl key, and T. They need to be pressed simultaneously.
Add realism resulting from stamp.To do this you need to collect all the layers and apply to them the function of Gradient Overlay.Next, create a new layer, combining it with the previous generic fiber.Erase some areas in any order, using the tool Eraser Tool.Pre-go to its settings and set the following parameters: Mode field to select the Pencil, Brush size to set the 1 px.Ask dissolving layer and create a new, mixing it with the already created.Resize the image, reducing it to one-fifth.In the setting of a layer, select Multiply.Lubricate the image using the tool Smudge Tool.Set to Normal for the Mode and 50% for Strength.
Maybe someone knows where you can buy in Moscow tools to work with your skin or can anyone have for sale?Or maybe someone can tell you how to easily make at home? Tools for embossing and engraving - a set of scribing tools for linocuts and wood carvings purchased in any shop "Products for artists."
Helpful Hint
The most important tools, dies for stamping on them kozheImenno done all krasota.Kazhdy of them has its prednaznachenie.Odni serve to lower the background to emphasize the volume risunka.Druie, and to emphasize the study of fine details drawingto give it greater credibility and naturalnost.Byut of hammer stamps (top photo) .It special-rawhide, not to flared shtampy.Ochen easy and convenient to.
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