Communicate every day.If you do not live together - talk on the phone.Do not limit yourself to the standard set of phrases.Interest, ask questions, tell me about yourself.Parents need to feel that you need them.Twenty minutes a day is not significantly impact your busy schedule, but the warmth and sense of family unity will help to save it.Be aware of all cases, offer all possible assistance.Rem
ember, it often happens that parents just uncomfortable to ask, so as not to be imposed and does not interfere with your life.Healthy selfishness - it's good, but it's not the same thing that shaped indifference.Try not to disappoint, only talks about the problems that in the view of the older generation will not look exactly the problem of universal scale.Be patient.Sometimes it is difficult for the fifth circle listen to the story, which I have heard repeatedly.So tempted to point this out or transparent hint that somewhere it was.What can you do, we all do not look younger, but before you interrupt the conversation, remember that people aged far more susceptible.What do you think domestic momentum, they can turn into a tragedy.There is a saying: "what is old, it is small."When you were little, parents showed angelic patience.Think even about how many sleepless nights spent with you Mom, when you arrived in infancy or sick.Now that you've grown up, parents need you much more than you are.Life is so constructed that, sooner or later we are all interchangeable.
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holidays and important dates.Each family has its own important dates, but the New Year and birthday - perhaps the two most important events of the year that celebrate everything.Do not forget the birthdays of parents and, where possible, try to come on this day.Put all the urgent and not much pay attention to the case and the closest people.Not for nothing do they say: 'good spoon for dinner. "Sometimes it seems that if you forget to congratulate this day (at work to roll up) and call the next morning - nothing bad will happen.There will be - it is an indicator of interest, places that a person takes in life.Do not forget, we congratulate the "favorite" customers, some even reminder emails set.And this is my own blood, feel the difference?New Year - a family holiday.Starting from a certain age, we are less likely to begin to celebrate it in the walls of his home.And for good reason.Nobody knows what time allotted to each of us.This celebration is very emotionally united family gathered at the table.Chiming clock, champagne, a wish of happiness - those little things that make up life.With friends, you can meet the next day or after 00 hours.Traditions must be respected.A separate theme - own birthday.It is believed that it is a holiday born on this day.However, no less a birthday celebration for the parents, because it is thanks to them people was born.Try this day to call in his father's house, spend some time family.They will be pleased, and you too.And do not forget to congratulate the mother separately, because of all those present she is one remembers how it was.
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joint leisure.Theatre, cinema, barbecues, joint trips or shopping - everything.The main thing is to maintain a common ground.The joint business interests and memories - are combined and retain the trust.Give yourself a promise, at least once a month to gather the whole family.Take a camera, let the memories remain, not only in memory but also in the form of slides that will be reviewed and show friends.Parents need to know that "chicks vyporhnuvshie out of the nest," do not forget about your roots.If you have your own children, for them it will be doubly useful.Young people are very receptive.Observing the relationship with their parents and grandparents - they take an example, and when they grow up, will do the same in relation to you.
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Try not to argue.The problem of fathers and children were always relevant.Miscellaneous education, outlook, beliefs imposed by society.Sometimes, listening to the older generation, it seems that we are from different planets, but do not rush to contradict.Everyone - the hostage of his time.You can give advice, discuss, but cast doubt on the competence and reasonable man twice her age, it is not only logical, but also indecent.Their youth was held at the time , not the fact that twenty years later, our children do not tell us that we - that in life, it turns out, do not understand anything.Loyalty and respect - this is what is needed to maintain a healthy relationship.Parents lived life, raised us - can not be that they do not understand.Let's be fair to those we love.
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