program of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 consists of fifteen winter sports disciplines, which were merged into seven Olympic sports.This includes 3 kinds ridge, 6 Ski, 2 types of bobsleigh and 4 individual sport.Total will be played 98 sets of medals, which exceeds the respective awards at the Olympics in Vakuvere 2010 to 12 sets.

new sports destinations in the Olympics

In 2011, the IOC Executive Board added to the Olympic program has 6 new events,
including ski jumping among women, team figure skating, relay race in luge, male and female havpayp infreestyle mixed relay in biathlon.

Havpayp is one of the newest trends of winter sports, which is very popular throughout the world.Competitions are held on it in a special concave design, covered with snow, which has two counter-ramp and the space between them.Athletes move from one wall to another, doing jumps and tricks performed each time you move.

Mixed relay also represents a new direction in the biathlon, where two firing lines run through two phases of women, but two - male.Mixed relay is considered to be the youngest biathlon views within the Championships and the World Cup.It was first held in 2002.As part of the World Championship relay race was held in 2005.And since 2011 it has been included in the Olympic Games.

Adding three new disciplines

In the same year at a meeting in Durban (South Africa) in the program of the Sochi 2014 included an additional 3 new disciplines for men and women: slopestyle freestyle, slopestyle snowboarding and parallel command slalom in snowboarding.Slopestyle is to perform a series of acrobatic ski jumps on the pyramids, jumps, rails, Drop, kontruklonah, etc., which are arranged in series along the route.