How would adults no worry about that today's children do not appreciate the Soviet cartoons, instructing reasonable, good and eternal, young people today have different tastes.Babies like bright, juicy colors, dynamic action.And modern animation studio able to meet the need of children in such tales.For example, in the collection of Disney, there are many similar films.Show your child "Beauty and the Beast.The Enchanted Christmas, "says that is capable of genuine love, introduce it to the" deer Rudolph ", saving the North Pole with his girlfriend.Of course, there are the New Year's fairy tale and a favorite of all children Mickey Mouse.This "Magic Christmas Mickey" and "Mickey Saves Santa."One of the latest creations of t
he Disney Christmas - a "Polar Express", which, together with the main character, you can go on a visit to Santa Claus.Surely these colorful and good cartoons like not only your children, but also yourself.
If you decide to check out the Christmas story of the child, it is best if it is about his favorite characters.For example, in the collection of Smeshariki is the book "Christmas story."Favorite childhood characters greeted the new year and will delight your baby fun adventures, original and fun Christmas recipes preparation of banquet tables.You can come up with a story about the adventures of a Christmas favorite characters your child yourself.Surely Spiderman and Sponge Bob, too, decorate the Christmas tree and prepare gifts to your friends.
If your child is too small and is able to evaluate not only the vivid depiction, but the story, introduce him to the Soviet Christmas story."The Snow Queen," "Twelve Months", "Magicians", "Nutcracker", "Cinderella", "New Adventures of Masha and Vitya."These wonderful tales at the time New Year's mood created you, so why not give them to your child?