If it is possible (free time, financial well-being, etc.), go directly to support the team at the stadium, which will host the match.And if it is not about a single game and tournament, for example, the launch soon of the European Football Championship, try to accompany her all the tournament.The first part of the championship will be held in Poland, the second - in the Ukraine.Of course, this will require the support and significant material cost and processing travel documents to Poland, because, in contrast to Ukraine, to visi
t this country need a visa.Moreover, commercially available tickets will be relatively few, and the number wishing to enter the stadium can be easily imagined.
So think, is not it better to cheer for our team, staying at home.You can go to any sports bar one or a group of friends and watch the game on TV.It is best to book a table in advance, otherwise you risk not to enter.Of course, such a visit is also associated with costs, but compared with a trip to another country, they are very small.
You can also cheer on the team, watching her play on the screens that are specially fitted for this purpose in different locations of major cities.Of course, of any comfort not speak: you will stand in the open air, in a large crowd, before it passed the inspection procedure at checkpoints, where you will select any object resembling a gun, and alcohol.Perhaps the only advantage of this variant - similar views are still free.
Can you cheer for the national team and at home, in a familiar cozy atmosphere.Sofa, TV, and program schedule - all you need to do.Well, maybe a couple of bottles of beer with nemudrenoy favorite snack.It is economical, comfortable, and most importantly - the safest option.Alas, in a large crowd of fans can easily inflame passions, which have no relation to sport.Suffice it to recall the ugly events that took place at the Manege Square in Moscow June 9, 2002 during the broadcast of the match of the World Cup between Russia and Japan.