In the history of the championship only the third time it is taken immediately the two countries.European Championship, which takes place in 2012, will be the fourteenth in a row since its inception in 1960.Control over the conduct of exercises of UEFA.This major international competition of national football teams, which seeks to get every country.
Every four years, held the final of the competition, but about half a year to carry out the qualifying games.So it was with Euro 2012.Begin final matches of Euro 2012 June 8 - The first game will take place in Warsaw, and the last - in Kiev.The tournament will bring together 16 teams from different countries.Since 2016 there will be more teams - their number will increase to 24.
as ball games chosen for the creation of the compan
y Adidas, which is called «Tango 12".Its design is specially designed for Euro 2012.
participating teams are divided into 4 groups.Determination of group affiliation of each of them found out with the help of the draw.In the "A" group includes countries such as Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and Greece.Group "B" are: Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal."C" is from Ireland, Spain, Croatia and Italy.The group «D» are teams France, Ukraine, England and Sweden.
for football matches of Euro 2012 were selected stadiums in Donetsk, Kiev, Poznan, Warsaw and several other cities.
When selling tickets for matches to be applied specific security measures: you can purchase a ticket only on presentation of a passport.On the ticket indicates your name and initials.Ticket price can reach 600 euros.There are five categories of tickets - they differ depending on the level of comfort seats.They can be bought over the Internet, and pay - by credit card or electronic money.