Tip 1: How the Olympic Village in Sochi

the Olympic Games - is not only a great honor for any country and city, which became their capital, but also a great responsibility.In fact, besides the construction of new and modernization of existing sports facilities need to improve urban infrastructure, operation of public transport, ensure the safety of participants and visitors of the Olympic Games, to resolve issues related to their placement.And, of course, to make the Olympic village has become a convenient and comfortable place to stay for the athletes.

What is the territory of the Olympic Village in Sochi

members Winter Games 2014 will live in 62 low-rise buildings comfortable, located in the landscaped park landscape.In each of these buildings (from 3 to 6 floors) rooms are apartments, including duplex, as well as a comfortable lounge, restaurant, fitness room.

total number of apartments - 1715. Of these, 569 are for accommodation for participants of the Paralympic Games, so they are designed taking into account their disability.
All access roads to the housing such apartments have a slope of less than 5 degrees, in the cases provided for themselves spacious elevators for people in wheelchairs and therefore equipped bathrooms.

From the windows of each apartment offers beautiful views - or the sea or the majestic mountains.

in the Olympic Village are also facilities for cultural activities, watch TV reports on the progress of the competition, snack bars, internet cafes, etc.There are all to any resident of the village did not experience inconveniences, athletes feel comfortable.

representatives of the Olympic Family and International Paralympic Committee will house 13 buildings of different heights, comprising 1039 apartments.

How to use the Olympic Village after the Games

Olympic Village is actually a well-equipped resort complex, where there is everything necessary for comfortable year-round living and recreation.Therefore, after the Olympics all of its buildings and facilities to be used as hotels.Leaders of the Krasnodar Territory and the resort city of Sochi is confident that this apartment is located in a beautiful place, with developed social infrastructure, will attract a large number of tourists, not only from Russia but also from other countries.

Tip 2: What is the "Olympic Village"

Olympic village - a place specially reserved for the residence of the participants of the Olympic Games, that is, athletes, coaches, medical staff, technicians and other accompanyingpersons.In addition to living quarters in the Olympic village are canteens, sports and training facilities, shops, cultural and entertainment centers, internet cafes, post offices - in short, all that is needed for modern comfortable living.

Depending on the specific conditions of the seat of the "Olympic Village" can be located either close to the main stadium, which hosted the games, or at a sufficient distance.In any case, the receiving party is obliged to provide the inhabitants of "the village" is not only comfort but also safety.For example, at the time of the games freely enter the territory of the "village" can only be a person having official accreditation, and others may visit it only received a special pass.

first games of modern times, since the Athens Games in 1896, did not know such a thing - "Olympic Village".The sports delegation from each country, participants are responsible for the deployment, stopping, usually in hotels or rented apartments.But as the expanded list of Olympic sports and the delegation became more numerous became clear that their placement on a particular site.At the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1932 for the first time contestants lived in a specially constructed houses.Just at this moment, and the tradition of building "Olympic Village".

not spared this tradition and Moscow.Before the Olympics in 1980 in the southwest of the capital of the Soviet Union built a large residential area, which is so called "Olympic Village".However, as was originally envisaged that after the departure of contestants will live here from Moscow, in the infrastructure of the neighborhood were also included schools, hospitals, centers of cultural and community purpose.For that time, 16- and 18-storey residential buildings with improved design of which was the Olympic Village, considered almost an elite version of the model building.In any case, the participants of the Olympics in Moscow were quite pleased with accommodation and recreation, claims they are not reported.