In most companies, employees accepted congratulations from New year organization of corporate parties.Its format depends on the company's budget and what kind of relationship it among employees.What is the average age.If the relationship between employees and neutral if the company has employees of all ages, the restaurant is a safe bet.Younger can dance, take part in competitions, older - talk at the table.Dinner at the restaurant, as a rule, is organized in the evening after working hours and lasts 4-5 hours.The cost of the dinner depends on the restaurant.In addition to actually rent the room and the choice of food and drinks in a restaurant, probably need a leading corporate banquets, especially if the company employs more than 20 people.
The company, which employs mostly young people, you can celebrate the New Year at the bowling alley, a nightclub, a country hotel.Selecting a location depends on the preferences of the group.Bowling or a night club are unlikely to be more than the middle-class restaurant, because the emphasis here is not on the rich table, namely entertainment.Departure country hotel - costly, but very effective in terms of cohesion.Typically, hotels offer their New Year's entertainment program for businesses.
If the above activities for your company is too expensive, you can congratulate employees in the office.Often office "gatherings" left a good impression, even more than the loud party.Take care of the purchase of snacks, sweet wine.If someone staff knows and loves to cook well, you can ask them to cook their signature dish and bring to the office.At the end of the day, you can set the table and begin the New Year's greetings and the distribution of gifts.It is no secret that the best gift to any employee of the New Year is a bonus, but it does not exclude the usual small gifts.Helpful and not very expensive gifts can be a bottle of champagne, chocolates, Christmas toys.Souvenirs and candles - less than a winning option, as many of us have is their home too much.