In fact, the New Year in this country is not the primary holiday as Christmas for the residents of Albion is much more important.But, nevertheless, and here you will find the opportunity to spend a wonderful New Year's Eve according to ancient traditions.

The first thing you should know about the British tradition is that the New Year - a holiday for close friends, which occupy a fairly important in your life.It also does not make presents, since all have been presented on the eve of a Christmas evening.
Before the advent of this important day should be carefully clean up the house, throwing out all unnecessary and old stuff to make room for new and desired.Try to complete all the important t
hings, as it is considered a bad omen "drag" with a load of unsolved problems in the coming year.The celebration takes place during a fun party.
As soon as the chimes, should immediately open the door wide.The British believe that in this way the house is coming new year.Very well, if the house there is a back door.In this case, it is also open to release the old year in the life of all the failures.
very important and take the British believe that is related to the first person to enter the house after the New Year.It is believed that it will affect your future, especially in material prosperity.It is desirable that the person who will visit your home, brought to you gift - a glass of crystal clear water or a piece of coal.In this case, you can be sure - next year will be very happy for you.
way, you will be able to participate in the forecast harvest.For example, if New Year's night in the rain, then the crop will be very bad.
On New Year it is necessary to give all your family and friends on the beautiful and colorful Christmas card.Incidentally, it was in England and was wound up this tradition, as the first holiday card was created right here in 1794.
If you do not know exactly where to go, the best place to spend the New Year will be the city of Leeds, where this festival is of great importance.