In order to see this show with my own eyes, get a ticket.Of May 2012, it can be bought at the ticket office of the stadium, which will host the championship matches.The number of tickets is limited, because until April 10 for six months they can be purchased over the internet - the official site of UEFA.Still tickets exhibited there for sale, of course, were sold.
ticket price at the box office - fixed.Depending on where in the stadium and the match category, it can vary from 45 to 600 euros.And one person can buy up to 4 tickets to one game.You also can not buy tickets for the matches that take place in one day.
If you buy a ticket at the box office was not possible, try to buy it from those people who, for whatever reason are not able to go to the game.Some fans, for example
, do not want to attend the finals if their team was not involved.Find these people may be near the stadium or offices.
Another way to get a pass to the stadium - to buy a ticket from the dealers.However, in this case, you will have to pay a much larger amount for a ticket, as the price for it may exceed the initial cost two or three times, and on the eve of the championship - mutilation even more.So this method is best used only when no other way to get to the desired game is not there.Speculators are also close to the ticket office and the entrance to the stadium.Save on a possible purchase by buying a ticket from the dealers after the start of the game, such as the 15-minute match.
participate in the competition.Guide Association League tickets are always a portion of its partners and sponsors of the championship.The latter, in turn, plays them among their goods.Chance to get in such a way to the championship matches is small, but still present.Among the sponsors of the Euro 2012 have Coca-Cola, Adidas, Carlsberg and McDonalds.