Put a chair in the middle of the room and sit on the edge.Abut hands seat of a chair and slowly straighten them.Pull the legs forward, move them shoulder-width apart.Breath, break away from the chair, legs do not bend.Flex the back.Exhale and return to starting position.
Facing the seat of the chair, withdraw from him one step.Uprites in the seat arms, legs arrange as much as possible, your knees touch the floor, then straighten your legs and stand up
to the starting position.
Sit on the floor, on the mat, bend your knees.The body must touch the thighs.Tilt your head forward and touch the forehead, knees, hands hug the leg.Pull the foot forward, sliding across the floor.Pull your knees and feet, trying to keep the head and body are still concerned feet.Stretch your arms forward as far as possible, place the brush on top of the feet.Pull hands to his feet, his knees do not bend.Fix in this position, then pull out the foot, straighten the body, hands raise up.
Kneel on the mat, hands rest against the floor.Inhale and slowly raise your right arm and left leg as high as possible.Fix this position for 5-7 seconds and breathe freely.Change the arm and leg.Try to survive in this position as long as possible, gradually bring the delay time in this position to 1.5-2 minutes.
Kneel, Abut palms on the floor, straighten your arms at the elbows.Slowly, without taking his hands and knees, turns the body, as if twisting it to the right, then repeat the exercise with a turn to the left.