you need
  • - banners;
  • - noise instruments;
  • - attributes of the Russian team.
final stage of the European Football Championship 2012 will take place in Poland and Ukraine from 8 June to 1 July.Even if you go to the match alone, and not in an organized group, rooting for the national team you will still be with the other Russians, as the stadium from different countries are always seated separately to avoid possible clashes.
Do not forget that you are representing your country, so try to behave with dignity.The cameras are broadcast to the whole world, you will see the millions of television vie
wers.Even if you do not like the game some of the players or the work judges do not allow abusive shouting at them, do not throw nothing field.Not to mention the fact that these fans can pull from the podium, their incorrect behavior dishonors the country they represent.
advance take care of their appearance.At events like the European Championship between fans from different countries is a private competition, which fully manifested imagination and ingenuity.Think of yourself fun colorful outfit, and the chances that the director of broadcasting show you a close-up, to the delight of you, your friends and family will be quite high.
zagotovte means audio support your team.It may be the drums and other musical instruments, clappers, siren, etc.The preparation of such funds to conduct better part of a group traveling to the championship the fans, in this case, you can pre-allocate the responsibilities and roles.
One of the most prominent and visible means of support teams are flags and banners, they, too, should prepare in advance.Large banners stretched on the podium before the match, their aim is to show support for their team, and the demoralization of the opponent.In the match between Russia have already become familiar with the image of a large banner fanged and clawed bear.Very popular and text banners, such as "Forward, Russia!".Before the start of the match large banners roll, not to interfere with viewing the game.
During the match, the fans trying to outshout each other, so it should be noted that the two halves of 45 minutes can completely disrupt your voice and the remaining matches you have to be silent.To prevent this, practice your vocal cords for about a week before the trip.Simply merge somewhere outside the city, and say loudly - at first not very active, then louder and louder.A week vocal chords will get stronger, and the championship, you will literally be able to express themselves in full voice.