did a little workout to warm up muscles and joints.Stand on your left leg, bend the right leg at the knee, please turn rotational motion in the hip, knee and ankle joints.Take 5 - 6 reps, switch legs.Stand up against a wall, move the weight on his left leg, right leg do mahi forward - backward, to the right - left.Make 20 - 30 Mach, change the pace.Perform 10 - 15 slopes of the upper body to the legs.
Stand up straight, arms along the lower body.Lunged forward with the right foot, left foot take away as far as possible back, put his hands on his right hip, do springy motion down.Repeat the exercise 20 - 30 times, and change the leg.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms along the lower body.Transfer the body weight on the right le
g, most bowed and feel the muscles stretching the inner thigh of the left leg.Pull the sock on his left foot.Hold the pose for 1 - 1.5 minutes, repeat the exercise on the other foot.
Stand with your feet separated as widely as possible, hand woven on the chest.Lean forward and stretch your elbows to the floor, trying to reach him.Turn body to the right leg and stretch down again, then turn to the left leg and repeat the stretch.Return to starting position, let the muscles relax 2 - 3 minutes and make a few slopes.Each time, dilute legs a little wider and try to bend lower.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms down along the body.On the exhale, lower your upper body, put your palms on the floor and completely transfer the body weight on your hands.Gradually, spreads his legs apart, belly breathing, trying with each exhale relax the muscles of the legs.With each exercise you will notice that all the dip below the crotch to the floor.