to the ball and off the ball!

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the more or less stable in the stands there are four main categories of girls.The first of these is usually very young, called "fans."The second group are often coming out of necessity, and usually sitting next to each other wives and girlfriends of footballers.The third component of adult ladies visiting the stadium mainly to "show yourself and look at others."

Finally, the fourth group, the least, include those who are attracted to the game itself;loving not only themselves and the players, but football.All the other girls who do not tighten
the noose on the match and, still divided into two "teams".One of them are ladies, players and fans openly disliked.

But far more than those who remain totally indifferent even to such seemingly extraordinary, in terms of men, facts like the Olympic women's football tournament.Alternatively, the presence in the stands during the recent World Cup in Brazil, a lot of girls.But an example to follow, they just do not serve "the wire, well, so what?World Championship?And I-what to him?The girls in the stands?Their problem.I do not want and do not look, do not have the interest and time. "

«And Baba Yaga - against!»

So how about those ladies who seriously believes football perhaps the most popular in the world of perversion, but the German goalkeeper Neuner is different, to the chagrin of a spouse or friend,from Brazilian striker Neimar?What is the reason for such indifference, or even negative?Opinions on this subject are many, both men and women, they do not usually coincide.

arguments explaining their position in principle, the two latter groups are more than enough.The most popular among the other is a reluctance to acknowledge football as "women's" sport, as, for example, synchronized swimming or rhythmic gymnastics.With their almost theatrical spectacle, bright light, beautiful music and elegant swimwear.In the end, this is for the boys football since childhood, familiar and friendly lesson in "Doll" and "classics" they usually do not play.

And most women have very different interests and passions in life, football for them did not apply.With him the ladies uncomfortable, even bored.Moreover, in the minds of many of them football is associated with something negative also because men love to watch it, to use a lot of beer and shouting at every dangerous moment, sometimes obscenely.When they forget everything and everyone else, including the family.What, from the point of view of many wives and daughters, contrary to all common sense.

Dirty light "Rubin»

situation is not better in the stadiums, especially Russian.Mannered young lady, if it is, of course, not the wife of a player of one of the participating teams and sports journalist, nicely hand in hand to bring to the arena is hardly realistic.The point here is not even that sit more than two hours in an outdoor stadium, and at any time of the year, uncomfortable and uncomfortable: dusty, damp, windy, hot / cold, not too clean, around whistling and swearing, attention to your beautyno one pays.

One of the major negative points are very strange for most girls rule.Like most two-hour game and getting to the stadium and exit from it.Fire, smoke bombs, fighting, pandemonium, searches, checking bags, huge police horses, riot police with batons - all this constant and not too attractive attributes of a modern Russian football.

In the summer of 2014 all over Russia thundered scandal happened in Kazan before the match with the local "Rubin" and Moscow "Spartak".Police, missing the podium of the Moscow fans, among whom were many women, not just searched last, but also required to strip naked.Otherwise threatening locked.

curious that their illegal actions by police, for whom a few days stood up the higher ranks of the Interior Ministry of Tatarstan, explained the struggle for security and prevention of football hooliganism.I do not even apologized to offended the girls wrote a statement to the court.Well, who after such a risk to come back to such a "welcoming" the arena?