Begin workout with warm-up.This is the general rule, which are guided and professional athletes and visitors lessons in fitness clubs, and dancers, and ballet dancers, and many others.In this regard, there are a large number of various warm-up complexes, among which you can choose the appropriate one.Do not overdo it: just use one of them and just follow the instructions in it, including temporary.
Pick the next set of exercises, allowing it to develop those muscles that will be required to perform a roll forward.This is primarily shoulder girdle muscles.For their development well learn how to perform a handstand, or work out with weights, as that is also sometimes serve as a water bo
ttle.Thoroughly knead the back and check its flexibility: it stand up to the bridge.
start performance of the element itself: it lay a mat or other soft surface.Check that it is securely attached: as a child, many began to fear flop just because the mats are moved and crawled.
Sit down and put your hands in front of you, bring them weight.Push off your feet off the floor and straighten them at the same time bending the arms.Moving forward, touch his head mat (point of contact should be the back of the head), and then - the blades (press knees to the chest).Inertia push should be enough to ensure that when you touch the blades continue to move forward until the tumbleweed on the coccyx and again do not take stress sitting.
Try different thrust force, until you find the optimum performance for the flip-flop.After several repetitions of the body itself is the best option and remember you do not have control over this parameter.Having mastered the element, go to the next: how to perform several somersaults without stopping.