Provisions.Before jumping flip , must at least define their physical readiness for this.On a straight track do 5-7 quick flip forward, with each try to do a somersault as short as possible.After that - do the same thing back.Then, try to jump ahead, fly a short distance and land directly into the "roll", that is kuvyrknutsya.This workout is not just shake your vestibular system, but also warm up the slow-moving parts of joints.Before training directly made several vyprygov-groups: full squat - & gt;Jump up with pulling his knees to his chest - & gt;a soft landing in a squat.To make flip correctly, you should be able to freely "push" themselves knees to the chest.
Start with a front flip .This is one of the most difficult elements of acrobatics, but it is the least travmoopasen for be
ginners.3-4 The first jump will land flat on his back, feel the basic rotation, allow the body to feel the safety of the fall to the mat.Then start to follow the instructions.The main rule: after the takeoff, you should jump straight up.Do not forward, pretending to dive and up.Do not rush to spin right after the jump as soon as you start to spin - up crash stop.Therefore, just finished flight, the maximum point dramatically set twist.It is important to do it exactly the shoulders, not just hands - imagine that you tugged at his shirt on his back.At the same time tighten the legs to the chest, to add torque.
Do not focus on one element.After ten repetitions of the vestibular apparatus begins to dwell and "fail", so give yourself a break, change the exercise.But repetition does not stop, it is best to delineate themselves from the circle elements 3-4 and move to the next every 15-20 minutes of exercise.This will achieve maximum success.
rear, side somersault , blanche gainer and technically much easier than the front turnover, but they require a complete lack of fear, and a minimum of experience, because when mistakes will be fraught with serious injuries and hazards.It is better to go to him, but when you feel confident in the air.