to quickly and efficiently remove belly fat, you need to maximize your metabolism.This will help systematic and regular exercise, a balanced diet in which calories coming from food, will be much less than is consumed by the body.
Forget about late extensive dinner, give up the fat, fried, sweet, completely excluded from the diet, alcohol and carbonated drinks.Eat at least 5-6 times a day, never skip breakfast.This will help you as much as possible to increase metabolism and get rid of belly quickly and effectively.
Start your day with a charge and a contrast shower.30-minute exercises and water procedures activate metabolic processes in the body, and you will feel cheerful and energetic throughout the day.
Also spend daily morning exercises at home exercises dire
cted action that will help you pump up your abdominals and quickly get rid of fat on the abdomen.
Lie on the floor, fix toes behind the couch, bed or climbing wall, raise the torso at least 100-150 times.From the first time this exercise is difficult enough, but as the abdominal muscles will be strengthened, you will easily be able to do the exercise in an intensive mode.
order to strengthen the bottom of the press and the lateral muscles do the exercise, lifting his legs at an angle of 90 degrees, hanging on a bar or wall-bars.This exercise is directional, which allows you to form a muscular corset.
If you find it difficult to force myself to deal with on a daily basis and do the exercises in emergency mode, join a fitness center, where training will be conducted under the guidance of an experienced coach who will make an exercise program tailored to you.
In addition to exercise and diet food go through 20 procedures, cosmetic wraps, aimed at the most rapid and efficient removal of fat in the abdomen, flanks and thighs.To activate the metabolism and burning fat used natural active ingredients: honey, pungent red pepper, seaweed, extracts of herbs.The procedure is applied to the problem of abundant space of biologically active substances, then all carefully closed thermofilm Micropulse and connect the device.For one procedure waist is reduced by 0.5-1 cm.