you need
  • - sports uniforms;
  • - light running shoes.
jog.In any form of athletics original Cross-training is important, without it just does.You can not perform a lot of work in training, if endurance is weak.Make it a rule to run for at least 5-8 km a day.Consult with a trainer, when and how much better run.
runs sprint intervals, training at the stadium.Take a small warm-up, wear track shoes and work through Sprint.In the long jump is not only important to have a good breathing, but accelerated from exploding.Run 8 segments of 60-100 meters and note the time parameters.Is constantly improving them.It is very important for a perfect jump!
Jump in place during workout.There are special complexes of exercises for warming up the body and
the musculoskeletal system.All that you need to perform to the fullest!More importantly to make about 50-100 high jumps on the spot, stop to stretch and prepare it for use in training.
doing stretching every day.In addition to running and special training each athlete must have excellent flexibility.Without it, you will not be able to jump far.This applies to all sports.Stretch marks Spend 15-30 minutes a day.Most importantly - pull back and legs.Can it do both standing and lying down.
Practice jump.Sami jumping length made into a pit filled with sand, in front of which is located at a distance wood plank.From her and made himself jerk feet.You need to develop a sense of distance to accurately to push off and land.All this can only achieve during practice jumps themselves.
track results.To jump far, in the end, it is important to always keep track of your progress.Try every month or even a week to increase the distance of a jump of 1-2 cm. It will continue to bring you closer to new heights.The only way you will learn to jump into the perfect length .