you need
  • - mat or blanket (for insurance).
If you have never played sports, you will be hard to cope with the task.To learn how to do somersaults , you should be able to control the body and have a well developed coordination.If these qualities are not given to you by nature, you will have to work hard on yourself and develop them.
To start knead thoroughly, shake hands and feet.Then try to make an ordinary tumble forward legs should be together, hands in front of him, his head slightly and retighten kuvyrknites.Perhaps the first time will not work perfectly, so you need a lot of training to perfectly contr
ol your body and feel the full force of muscles.Repeat ten to fifteen flip.
lay on the floor mats (if available) or a blanket.The main thing - is the belief in their strength and, of course, insurance.Perform front flips followed with a run-up, before actually push two legs raise your hands.At the moment we are touching the hands go down, twisting is performed.In flight, try as best we can regroup and pull your knees to your shoulders.The group press chin to your chest, keeping your knees - so you can avoid injury to persons knees during landing.
backflip off the wall runs from the takeoff.Running up to the wall, put a foot on the surface and immediately lean back.Take your hip up, the body must take the perpendicular position (relative to the wall).Immediately put the second leg (near the first leg) and make a small step away from the wall.For a good twist to make powerful swing his arms back.
During back flips necessarily dismiss head back - this contributes to the promotion of good.If you do not dismiss the head or not enough to reject, can be dropped off at the neck.Land on a slightly bent knees, so as not to damage the knee.Do not reduce the speed during flip , the impulse to run.