To at least learn something, remember the number of mandatory conditions that are axiomatic and require unquestioning versions: regular workouts (create a personalized schedule and strictly stick to it)clear that all the requirements for each exercise, your analysis of the implementation of elements of the correction of the errors found do not skip over the intermediate stages of training.
last condition is especially important to follow because there is a certain base of exercises on which all acrobatic jumps.These exercises are designed to form your coordination to missing stiffness that prevents further learning.This database includes: somersaults, handstand, wheel
curvet, rondad
This is the foundation - the starting point of acrobatics.If you do not learn how to do any of this, then you have no chance to go on and learn something worthwhile.
Of course, each person selected by the individual technique, but they are built on the classical scheme of 4 basic steps:

Stage 1 - do a "draft", overcome fear and understand the essence of the element.Go to the end.The main thing - to overcome themselves for the first time.
Step 2 - Make the element skillfully.Not just for show or carelessly, and it skillfully.That is, you need to understand how it works and in the smallest details to follow technical instructions.The main rule: think of when each repeat exactly what you are doing.At this stage, it is important to take their general physical training: the press, pull-ups, push-ups, etc.
Stage 3 - to bring an element of automaticity.You will pass this stage, when you do without the element of fear and clearly 10 times out of 10, and.
Stage 4 - bring the element to perfection.This step may take a very long time, and some require a whole life to cope with the task.The basic technique of this phase - the repetition of the item.

As a result, it should be emphasized that there is a huge amount of training manuals for details about how to do item, and indicate the most common errors and techniques to address them.