you need
  • - Treadmill (athletics stadium);
  • - sportswear and shoes.
Master the correct technique sprinting.When running a hundred meters need to lift your knees up high and move your hands as quickly as possible.Repellent should be run at the toe of the foot, and at the time of landing should be put on the ground heel first, then roll on the toe.Housing early motion to be tilted forward.Very much in the sprint race depends on the coherence of the work of hands and feet.
included in the plan of training races over short distances.To develop speed and speed endurance, you need every day, several times to run a distance of 30, 50 and 100 meters.Regularly also shuttle run, which include
s overcoming ten-distance followed by a sharp change in the direction of motion is reversed.
Learn how to take the start.At a short distance is determined by the success of a second.It is important to go to the starting position at the precise moment the signal of the judiciary.It should be only for a moment linger, as you have much lag behind the main group of starters.Early start, too, is not welcome, because in this case the race shall be deemed invalid.Re-start is always unnerving athletes and reduces the results.
Perform regular exercises to develop leg muscles.It may be squatting on one and two legs, jumping up the stairs, jumping out of the squat.Once a week is recommended to go to the gym and focus on muscle strength exercises on the femur and tibia.However, to get involved in athletic gymnastics sprinter should not be, because the excessive increase in muscle mass constrains movement while running.
Capture Entries perform training work and its results.Without this control, you will be difficult to trace, as you moved forward in mastering the art of running a hundred meters.This blog will allow to adjust the load and provide an opportunity to plan the training process for each calendar year.