What affects the rate of fat burning

During weight loss, much depends on the duration and frequency of runs.It is believed that exercise should be at least 3-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes.And after a while, when the body starts easy to carry such a load time can be increased up to 50-60 minutes.But many people, drawn into jogging and enjoy them, wound kilometers every day.A weekend try their hand at a marathon.

important also eating habits.Those who during the day eats up a lot of calories, and while jogging burns a lot less, slim figure not wait.Therefore, if you start to run with the aim to lose weight, be sure to adhere to the principles of a healthy diet.
not cram for three immediately after the run.Try to wait 30-40 minutes for the body to calm
down and come back to normal.Then eat fruit or vegetables, yogurt or milk products, cereal or oatmeal.

Still running has established itself as one of the best tools in the fight for the harmony of shapes, allowing many to get rid of tens of kilograms.Do not expect some kind of effect on a run!You should not even wait for the results after 2 weeks after the practice run.Usually the first 3-4 weeks after the start of regular physical exercise is only the body adapts to the new conditions of life.So the first thrown kilogram will be noted at the end of the first month.And - if you do not throw a run.


run from the second month, you can count on very good results - up to 5-6 kg per month.And in combination with properly chosen diet - up to 10 kg per month.And to ensure that the process went more efficient use little tricks.The first run in the mornings.This will help to purchase a tone and a good mood for the whole day.But if jogging do not suit you, do in the evenings.Lose weight, you will not care.
While running, breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling mouth nose.According to sports doctors, it contributes to a more effective getting rid of fat.

Secondly, before jogging drink a cup of coffee without milk and sugar.It will give you strength after a night's sleep.A coffee itself is a wonderful fat burner.Third, try to run in a ragged rhythm periodically accelerated.Or run over rough terrain, where there are hills and slopes, and flat areas.The uneven pace is always better than a monotone.You will see how much more you can lose weight.

For those who suffer from excessive obesity, it is recommended to start with Nordic walking, to prepare your muscles, heart and joints to a full run.And only when they can completely replace walking running in the right mode, you should expect serious results in burning extra kilos.