develop their own training plan.Start with a morning exercise, especially if the last time you saw a gym in deep childhood.
The initial charge should be easy, so you went into the rhythm necessary for basic training.Suppose that in the first week of the morning warm-up will consist of simple stretching exercises and imparting forces.Then add to it, or simply sports walking walk at a fast pace.
Engage in any weather.On the second or third week of morning classes add to the charging strength exercises with dumbbells, but do not overdo it.Together, the morning sports activities should not go more than an hour.
When morning workout cease to seem serious, take the time for the evening - the body is ready for them.Well coached endurance long-distance running.
Before turning to the marathon cross-country, do a couple of laps at an easy pace at the nearby stadium.Record how long you ran, not a loose power.At first, you'll master almost two laps without choking.Your task - to increase the number of laps that you can do without experiencing excessive stress.
Do not try to set records!Increase the number of laps slowly, carefully warming up before the race.Vary your workout - jump over obstacles, pull up on the bar, swing press.Over time, you will feel that the forces have become larger and easier to overcome the distance.
If you understand that the time for an evening jog will not try to move more during the day, give up the lifts, walk part of the way to work on foot at an accelerated pace.
Correct diet.Avoid too fatty and unambiguously harmful products, such as chips and sweet drinks.Try not to smoke - this habit will not allow you to achieve significant results.
Engage with pleasure!Let incentive for you was the fact that the physical endurance goes hand in hand with learning.Office load will cease to be a burden to you, you will be less tired and will no longer get sick often.