you need
  • - gymnastic mat (foam).
Train every day, at least 30 minutes.That is what will allow you to achieve the desired, no matter how much you may be years.The younger and sportier your body, the faster you will get the result.But before you start, you need to believe that the splits really at any age!Someone sits down on the twine for 2-3 weeks, while others have to deal with for several months.
Start with a warm-up.This will warm up the muscles and ligaments, and stretching the process go faster.Absolutely can not make stretch marks on the ligaments of a cold!You run the risk of injury.Warm-up may include jumping, brisk walking, jogging, bending, kicks, jumping rope.A good option would be to inc
lude the fiery music and dance of the soul from 5-15 minutes.
Run kicks, 8 on each foot in each direction.Stand up straight, you can hold on to his chair.Legs should be straight.Mahi to do forward, backward, away from themselves and into.Each series of strides end the delay of legs in the air for 30 seconds.If you easily get to do more than 8 swings at a time, do more.
Stand up straight, and then lunged forward.The back leg should remain straight and the front - knees bent.Shaking her to feel the stretch groin muscle.
Stand with your legs straight.Lean forward, trying to reach first the fingers to the floor, then try to put your palms on the floor, then put them on either side of himself, and eventually embrace the arms legs.It is difficult at first, so you can bend over and try to relax in this position to bundle "used to" stretch.
folds.Exercise is similar to the previous one, just need to sit down on the floor and stretch your hands to the fingers of this situation.Then try to spread her legs as wide as you can.Lean forward, trying to lay down a breast on the floor.Every day, spreads her legs a little wider than the previous one.
Try to do the splits.Each lesson this end the.So you'll feel progress, but some day and at all surprised to find out what has already achieved the goal.After that, it is not necessary to complete the training, otherwise the result will quickly disappear.