Tip 1: How to turn the hoop, to remove the side

Sport Hoop - an effective and affordable way to tighten the muscles of the sides, the waist and press.Regular exercise helps to lose weight and reduce cellulite in problem areas.The first results can be seen after a few weeks.

Can I remove the side hoop

Many girls and women are well aware of the problem of accumulation of fat on the sides.The reason for this distribution lies in the fact that when performing various gymnastic exercises, this area of ​​the body is often not used.Strained his abdominal muscles, thighs, buttocks, but the sides need a special approach and the load.This load given exercises with a hoop.It is believed that practicing with a hoop is most effective in reducing the fat on the sides.With regular exercises can achieve good results, and remove sides.

What hoop choose

Sport stores now offer a wide range of hulahupov: soft, plastic, massage, metal, and even with a calorie counter.For classes fit any of them, but for weight loss in the sides will approach the hoop with mas
sage nozzles.They stimulate blood circulation and burning fat faster and also reduces cellulite.To engage with hulahupom, you must first protect your skin.This can be done or by means of special sports belt or towel wrapped around the waist and plastic wrap.

how cool hoop

Stand in the center of the room at a sufficient distance from objects and people.Hoop keep both hands at waist level.Press the hoop to spin the waist and around my body.Waist and hips rotating through the same direction in which the spinning hoop.Drive safely at your rhythm.

If the hoop starts to descend - take a few more quick and intense movements - and hulahup return to the place.

During the first training twist hoop 10 minutes to 5 minutes on each side.Gradually increase your workout.Ideally, it should reach 20-30 minutes.The longer the duration of the class, the more calories are burned.

first classes can cause pain in the abdominal oblique muscles, and even bruises, but very soon the muscles get used to the load.Notice the results of the training with hulahupom will be 2-3 weeks.

To increase the effectiveness of exercise, put your feet as close as possible to each other.Performing the rotation hoop in such a position, you will remove your excess fat from the sides.


Despite the fact that the exercises with a hoop suitable for almost everyone, in some cases, to abstain from activities.

Hulahup impossible twist:

- pregnant women;
- women during the critical days;
- people with spinal and abdominal or after surgery;
- the elderly.

Tip 2: How do we turn the hoop to lose weight

Hoop , or hulahup, can be an excellent tool in the fight with weight and extra inches at the waist.The effectiveness of its impact increases at times when the trainer used in conjunction with a healthy diet and fitness.
How do we turn the hoop to Lose Weight
Hoop most useful for waist, it is not only good massages the internal organs, but it removes the belly fat on the sides and back.The most popular hoops - the usual plastic.In order to achieve a significant effect is to give preference to hulahupam weighted - so the process of burning calories with regular workouts go faster.Moreover, such a power can be further burden the hoops, sand scattered into the empty segments.There are also massage hulahupy with raised bumps and balls.The best option for weight loss - two in one, combined hoop.
Hoop very easy to use.For classes with him does not require special physical training.During exercise improves lymph circulation, and this leads to a decrease in body fat.In addition, it is twisting the hoop, especially weighted, you burn calories and strengthen the muscles of the body.
begins to engage with an easy hoop.Beginners enough for 5 minutes a day and gradually increase the time of continuous torsion up to 30 minutes.And only after hulahup a habit, go to the weighting agent.Do not forget about the total body workout, do exercises for arms and legs.
Classes with hulahupom should be carried out every day and not earlier than 2-3 hours after eating.Otherwise, you run the risk of volvulus.
If you get involved with a massage hoop, be prepared that after the first workout at the waist may be formed bruises, since the inside of the massage hulahupa are raised projections.This is a normal reaction of the body.To avoid bruising, wear a wide belt or a sports thick sweater.
If you are concerned about the state of the internal organs of the body, you have health problems or chronic illness, in order to avoid the consequences of better training to consult with your doctor and therapist.Particularly strong damage can be caused by a weighted hoop.
how cool hoop for weight loss?Obviously, the effect of the hoop is the massage effect created during rotation when contact with the abdominal muscles.They are adapted to strengthen the muscles and allow you to lose weight much faster due to the need to work with the extra weight that allows you to get rid of more calories.
Helpful hints how to twist a hoop on the waist and hips.For weight loss, it is important to know a few basic rules.Firstly, as already placed your feet, the harder you will be to keep the balance.This means, that the more the muscles will be involved in the exercises with a hoop, particularly muscle-stabilizers that video with the correct hoop twisting and very important tips below.Finally, consider how to properly twist wrap to lose weight, I note that women should not do this during the critical days.
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