you need
  • sneakers, exercise bike, treadmill, high-quality products,
limit yourself in the consumption of those foods that lead to weight gain.Forget the sweets and beer.Increase cardio (great running or exercise on a stationary bike), increase the number of repetitions with a decrease in the weight of dumbbells or barbells.Conduct training as usual, did not increase or decrease the number of classes.Your goal - to dry muscles and give them relief.
Increase the number of meals, but eat those dishes that contain as little fat and carbohydrates.Eat as much protein.If your weight is about 90 kg, stick to the daily value of 2,500 calories.
Do not skip meals.Remember that fasting your body starts to produce the hormone cortisol and, in this case, your muscles become food for your body.Do not allow this, otherwise you will lose muscle volume.
Use only high-quality and natural food.Only in this way you save the required digestive pace.White bread, chocolate bars, cookies and ice cream - it is those products which use is not recommended.If you have a strong sense of hunger, drink skim milk.You can substitute half the daily diet of protein shakes.
If you feel lack of energy, increase the consumption of carbohydrate foods.But before the training to use it is not necessary.Eliminate from your diet foods such as sweet desserts, alcoholic drinks, sausages, fatty cheese, ice cream.Your favorites to become fish, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, fresh fruit, chicken or beef.
Do not be afraid to use spetsdobavki.One of them is carnitine that burns fat and keeps muscles .In addition, this additive enhances testosterone levels.In order to rid the body of unnecessary fluid you can drink coffee or tea, green is better.Drink 300 ml before classes.Be confident in their abilities and do not stop.