you need
  • weighting leg weights (1 kg, 2 pcs.).
So, a small set of exercises: Starting position - feet wider than shoulder width.From this position, begin to squat, buttocks pressing.15-20 times, 3 podhoda.Iskhodnoe position - standing, feet shoulder width apart.In the hands of dumbbells (better to start with a 1 kg).Tear off the heel from the floor and go up on your toes as high as possible.10-15 times, 3 approach.Starting position - lying on his back.Lift your legs up, perpendicular to the floor and plant in hand.The so-called splits.It remains in this position for about 30 seconds or a minute.Make 3 sets.You can increase the time and the number of approaches, de
pending on physical fitness.
How to build the interior
Starting position - lying on the floor left side, right leg bent at the knee and is on foot around the left knee.The left leg is straightened on the floor.Tear off the left foot off the floor and rises about 30 cm. Then change direction.20-30 times, by 3 approach.To enhance the effect, you can fix the ankle burdening for larger loads.
Hold a small ball (like tennis) knees and begin to compress and decompress it.15-20 times, 3 approach.To see the result, at least take a month.
Do not forget to eat protein foods: eggs, chicken, beef, milk, and others.
The muscle contains 34.7% of the total protein in the human body.Therefore, in a period of intensive training it is recommended to slightly increase the amount of protein consumed daily.
How to build the interior