If you decide to do the heavy lifting , then do not start immediately to develop the work with the rod, and do not load your body, which is not used to it.This is a mistake many newcomers.For starters it is best to consult an experienced coach, he will tell you where to start, how to deal with, so as not to harm the body.First of all, you will be advised to focus only on general physical development (for the first two or three months).You will need to alternate different exercises at the gym with dumbbells and barbell (easy).This time is designed to investigate the possibilities of its own body, strengthening the muscles, ligaments, increasing strength.Only then it is recommended to start basic training.And, as has been said, only under the supervision of a trainer.
way, exercises for development of physical strength, there are many.They can be performed using dumbbells, barbells, circular weights, as well as traction shells.Similar exercises have proven themselves, so they are used not only in weightlifting, but also in other sports.Weightlifting - this is a great opportunity not only for the development of maximum power, but also for the development of power-speed (this is achieved by performing exercises with the highest rate of motor).
athlete-lifter should not forget about proper nutrition, it should have a new, different from the previous diet.Firstly, it should consist of both proteins and of carbohydrate.Because protein is recommended to use eggs, fish, meat.Meat should be mostly chicken, because it is more easily absorbed by the other, and energy in the body brings the necessary amount.The number of eggs consumed, limit, do not drink more than three a day.Also, you should not forget about dairy products high in fat, for example, about the cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk.No less important are and carbohydrates, so feel free to eat pasta, potatoes, white bread.