Before the race at a greater distance you need to take a few preparatory steps.First of all, pass a medical examination, ask your doctor about your health, report your sports plans.In preparation for the race doctor visits should be regular.Adjust

own diet.Ration man about to run a long distance, to be filled with carbohydrates.Examine your own body.Use textbooks on anatomy to better understand which areas of the body need to train hard.
not neglect the advice of your doctor and strictly follow their recommendations.This will not only improve your results, but also help to avoid health problems.


Race long distance ass
umes a maximum load not only on the human body, but also its equipment.Carefully approach the issue of choice of clothes that you will use.The standard set of an athlete who specializes in these races include:

- the most comfortable sports shoes;
- headpiece with a visor, which supports air circulation;
- special glasses to protect against ultraviolet radiation;
- top sportswear, appropriate weather conditions - it can be a T-shirt and shorts, tights and warm with a jacket.

Learn how to run

When long-distance races on the correct technique is very important.It affects your ability to withstand the full distance, and how fast can you run it.Try to keep your posture and do not bend the spine, keep your upper body muscles are the most relaxed.While running, do not lift the arms too high and do not drive them from side to side (just back and forth), it impairs lung function.Keep proper breathing, breathe deeply from the diaphragm.

Train at medium ranges

Start preparing your body for the upcoming race.Take short jogging, gradually increasing the distance.Do not try to pre-set a goal to run a certain distance, on the other hand, if you feel that your body can not cope, take a break by going on a hiking course.

Take part in races on the average (5-10 km) distance.In the period of participation in such competitions pay special attention to endurance training.Make a clear timetable for the races in which you will participate, be sure to include it in the days of complete rest.
You can track your progress daily by recording the results.So you will see that you need to fix the preparation.

Go to great distances

felt strength in long-distance race at large, start preparing for it.Select several fasting days before the race, relax as much as possible, increase the intake of carbohydrates.Get directions so that it was as simple as possible, for example, exclude from the route hilly terrain, make sure that to the greatest possible part of the way was hidden from direct sunlight (better if you run into obscure and cool weather).The first long races are the check and training, so they do not have to be complicated by the terrain and the weather.In the future you will be able to gradually complicate the route and run longer distances.