spring comes and it's time to think about how to prepare for the summer, toned body and raise its tone.Running - it's a simple and proven way to achieve excellent physical shape, so you just need to get your running shoes and run every day about half an hour, even if the bed is more than comfortable.In addition to burning calories, we have run a whole lot of other advantages, which are simply irresistible.So, how to run with the greatest health benefits?

time to go out!
Training on the street as much as 30-40 percent effective workouts in the gym.Why so?When you run on the street, more ofte
n overcome obstacles such as a small hill, as well as your body is saturated with oxygen, which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.Fresh air and uplifting.Dress for the weather, comfortable shoes in sports shoes and go for a run!

Choose a route!
advance think over the route on which you will run.Think what it will be the most difficult part, and what - the most simple.This will help you to focus during the run, and correctly calculate the force.

Be the pace
Try to escape as much as possible measured for this listen to music, count breaths, listen to your body - and run at a pace that is to find the most comfortable.

Lean forward
If you run a little bent body forward, then eject the running of the greatest benefit for your body: tighten your abdominal muscles and buttocks, slightly lean forward and start jogging!Relax your arms and shoulders: their lungs involuntary movements back and forth while running will stimulate the lymphatic system.

relieves stress!
If you had a hard day at work, make yourself run at least 15 minutes before bedtime.Fresh air and motion to stimulate the production of endorphins that will help you get rid of stress and also improve physical condition.