you need
  • Sports clothing and footwear.
Master the technique of long distance running.It is important to put the foot while running and efficiently build on the treadmill.During the movement of the foot on the ground should be placed front, leaning on the outside.After this stop smoothly and gradually rolls on all its surface.When relying on the effectiveness of the heel running is significantly reduced.
Please note that the repulsion jogging leg should be almost fully extended.Do not look down.Keep your head steady;opinion should be directed forward in the direction of travel.The body should be held
almost vertically, with a very slight inclination forward.
Holding your body evenly and vigorously moving your arms.The angle of bending the arms at the elbows should not be too large.If abduction hands back a little elbow should aspire to the outside.When moving your arms forward brush rotates slightly inside, moving to the middle of the body.This work enables the hand to increase the frequency steps.
Learn how to breathe while running.Respiratory rate should be matched to the maximum degree of frequency steps.Otherwise, the last kilometers long run it will be difficult to maintain regular breathing.Breathe in the long run should be often.It is necessary to strengthen the lungs with oxygen supply.Improve circulation allows not breast and abdominal breathing while running.
Make sure to match the pace of your running training and functionality.If there are signs of fatigue advisable to reduce the speed by going to jogging or brisk walking.When the state of normal, you can continue running at a moderate pace, watching the heart rate.
To achieve good results in the run regular train special and general endurance.The recipe is the same: the systematic training, which alternates serial passage of flat land tracks and lifts.
Complete power running training exercises to develop leg muscles, back and shoulder.Versatile training is the best suited for those who expect to show impressive results in long-distance running.