you need
  • mirror, perseverance.
look in the mirror and smile at her reflection.Hold a smile on his face.Then relax your muscles , close your lips and exhale air through the mouth, ensuring the vibration of the lips.So relaxing exhalation finish each exercise.
Stand up and pull stomach muscles as much as possible.Try to stretch the legs and buttocks.Raise your hands up, taking a deep breath.Breathe in mouth, closed their teeth.Then slowly lower your arms and exhale.Exhale mouth, making his lips.Repeat this exercise at least four times.
Stand with hands on wai
st.Look straight.Turn your head to the left, breathing in the left corner of his mouth.Breathe out, returning to its original position.Then turn your head to the right, inhaling through the right corner of his mouth.Return to the starting position.This exercise is repeated at least four times.
Stand with hands on waist.Make the turn at 90 °, while raising his hands.Breathe in the nose, exhale through the mouth.When you exhale, try to inflate the cheeks as much as possible.Repeat at least four times.
Stand straight, straightened.Breathe in the nose, closing his eyelids.Exhale mouth, straining with the folded tube lip and muscles around the mouth.Repeat at least four times.
Stand up, his hands on his waist, and your feet shoulder-width apart.Lean back while breathing through the mouth.Inhalation lower the jaw.Return to starting position.Lean forward, arms to the side.Exhale, lifting the lower jaw.Repeat four times.
Stand up, his hands on his waist, and your feet shoulder-width apart.Inhaling, move the lower jaw to the left or right.Exhaling, bring the jaw in the usual position.Repeat at least four times.
Stand up, his hands on his waist, and your feet shoulder-width apart.Inhale, clenching his teeth and spreading the corners of the mouth.Exhale, dropping the lower jaw.Repeat at least four times.Do exercises for face every day, and you'll look amazing.