you need
  • Dumbbells - 2 pcs.
pumped biceps perform curls with dumbbells: - Initial position (IP) - Standing, feet shoulder width apart.Hands at your sides, elbows pressed to his body, grip dumbbells below.At the same time, or alternately lift dumbbells for biceps.Brushes keep straight, in line with the forearm.Try not to bend and sway during exercise.On the exhale, slowly lower the arms with dumbbells in the IPFor the study of the various divisions of the biceps rotate the dumbbell when lifting.Exercise Options: lifting dumbbells hands grip the top and lifting dumbbells with turning hands inside the palms together.- Ip- Sitting on a bench, his legs wide apart.Lean right s
houlder just above the elbow into the inner surface of the right thigh.Lean left hand on his knee.Bend the right hand with a dumbbell to shoulder and gently lowered down.Do the same with your left hand.
pumped triceps extension is performed with hand weights - Ip- Standing or sitting on a bench, back straight.Cross your dumbbell between brushes.Right hands with dumbbells over your head.On the inhale lower the arm behind your head.Elbows still.Try not to raise your elbows to the sides.On the exhale, hands unbend vverh.- Lean right knee and right hand on the bench.The torso is almost parallel to the floor.Look straight.In the left hand take a dumbbell, straighten and press to the body.On the inhale bend your arm at the elbow, exhale - straighten.Try not to drop the elbow and not divert from the body.
pumped forearms do flexion and extension brushes with dumbbells - Sit in a chair, knees shoulder width apart, parallel to each other.Place your forearms on the inner surface of the thigh up.Brushes lower down.Raise brushes with dumbbells up and go back to the initial position- Adopt IPas in the previous exercise.Turn up the outside of the forearm.Flexion and extension of the hand with a dumbbell.