attractiveness of this method primarily to its availability.Indeed, to make time for a series of push-ups much easier than on a hiking trip to the gym.And for themselves exercise need only a small smooth surface, not a simulator.
Thus, the success of exercise depends largely on the technology implementation and proper regular exercise.Doing push-ups better than several series of 7-10 times per set.
In terms of equipment special attention to the position of the body during exercise.Keep it straight, parallel to the floor, so that the shoulder portion is level with the torso.
do push-ups very slowly without jerking.It is also important in th
is case involve the abdominal muscles.Just keep his head straight, not throwing back or dropping down.
important point is the position of the hands.If you have not done pushups, start with a standard bearing on the palm, "looking" parallel to the body and spaced from each other at a distance apart.
Try push-ups in such a way, pausing for several seconds at the lowest position (at the same time try not to touch the chest th floor).In the future, change the position of the hands as follows: send the palms towards each other at an acute angle.In this case the chest muscles during dewatering will be used with even greater load.
improved method of push-ups can also be regarded as "explosive" push-ups, in which the body returns to its original position is not at the expense of slow straightening arms, and due to a sharp straightening and body bouncing off the floor.
most difficult form to have mastered the previous types of push-ups and push-ups can be on the one hand, or with a support on one leg.