If "radioglushilkami" special issues arise, the news of the ban Wi-Fi surprised many.Such restrictions are introduced for the first time at the Olympics, but their exact cause of the organizers of the games do not apply.It is worth noting that on their own smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices are not banned.No one chooses to use, and does not interfere with its intended purpose.As well as the connection of Wi-Fi channel at all.Just can not "give away┬╗ Wi-Fi from your mobile device to other gadgets.

It is believed that the ban caused by the desire of the organizers of the Olympics to avoid disruption to broadcast events.Moreover, the coverage will also be unp
recedented: in addition to the usual TV and many have become commonplace online channel Youtube, stated also on the direct 3D-broadcasts.To transfer the image to the modern conditions of wireless technology widely used.So version looks quite convincing.

No less convincing and absolutely pragmatic interpretation of the restrictions imposed.Rumor has it that the organizers of the games so want to make all visitors to the Olympic venues to use paid services of a partner of the 2012 Olympics - the company British Telecom.According to available information, the network only in the Olympic Village, the company has established more than a thousand access points and now intends in this way to recoup their costs.

However, access to Wi-Fi from the official partner manages the visitors in the game 6 pounds per hour and a half - the price can be considered relatively low.And the people who were previously customers British Telecom, Internet access are all free.

remaining restrictions at the Olympics can be considered conventional: any weapons, laser pointers, alcohol, drinks in large containers, pets.Inspection carried out as thoroughly as in airports.Therefore the spectators competition organizers recommend to appear in place long before the interest of the sports action in order not to miss anything.