Tip 1: What are the summer sports are an Olympic

in the modern Summer Olympics competitions in 28 sports, though some of them have several subspecies.In the entire history of the modern Olympic movement in the program included a total of 40 sports, but 12 of them were eventually excluded from the list of the Committee.

Summer Olympics are held not only the traditional summer, but the off-season contests.In particular, the list includes competitions in boxing, table tennis and wrestling.The program of Summer Olympic Sports is constantly adjusted.For example, discussing the possibility of inclusion in the program of women's boxing.

To modern summer Olympic include the following sports: rowing, judo, horse riding, tennis, sailing, athletics, basketball, cycling, badminton, golf, wrestling, boxing, water sports, handball, volleyball, football, taekwondo, shooting, modern pentathlon, fencing, field hockey, triathlon, rugby, gymnastics, rowing and canoeing, judo, archery, ping-pong.

Some of these sports are divided into subtypes.For example, competi
tions in artistic gymnastics and trampoline, and the battle can be freestyle and Greco-Roman.By the summer Olympic Aquatics include synchronized swimming, water polo, diving and swimming;a horse - eventing, show jumping and dressage, and a bicycle - velotrekovye race, road cycling, mauntibayk and BMX.

Of all the modern Summer Olympic sports, only 8 have been included in the program in 1896, ie,These competitions are held since the revival of the Olympic Movement.This Greco-Roman wrestling, road cycling, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, tennis, weightlifting, fencing foil and saber (fencing competition swords have been included in the program later).

There were 12 summer sports that were previously included in the Olympics, but for one reason or another have been excluded from it.This softball, Rocky rekets, tug of war, polo, Basque pelota, motorboat sports, baseball, cricket, croquet, as de pom, lacrosse.Baseball and softball - the last excluded from the program of sports.The decision to deprive the status of the IOC Olympic was made in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

Tip 2: Summer Olympic sports: shooting

first Olympic shooting competitions were held in 1896 in Athens.Then in the competition participated only men.From 1968 to the beginning of this discipline to compete and women.
Summer Olympic sports: shooting

In the program of Summer Olympic Games sports shooting became independent in 1996.Now, in this competition played 15 sets of medals.

Olympic shooting is divided into a bullet and poster.The first is made from the rifle at the shooting range.If you use air guns, the shots are made with a 10-meter distance.For firearms the distance between the shooter and the target should be 25 or 50 meters.

During competitions on shooting from pneumonic weapons among men athletes shoot 60 times with a pistol and a rifle.Women are given 40 attempts.

from fire pistol men commit 60 shots from distances of 25 and 50 meters. With the shorter distance is conducted by time.Athletes shoot 2 times to 30 times with a 25 m.

third exercise in shooting - using the sporting rifle.This discipline is in turn divided into two kinds: from a prone position and 3-positions.In the first competition the athletes make 60 shots from 50 meters. In the second competition, a series of shots, first lying down, then kneeling, and finally standing.Men commit 40 shots from each position with a 50-meter distance from the target, and the woman - 20 at the same distance.The more points will type arrow, the closer it will be to win.

Trap shooting is different in that is held in the open air at the shooting range.Weapons, which it uses - shotgun with shot charges.Shooting is conducted at flying targets (skeet).In calculating the performance results taken into account the number of broken targets.Stands come in several forms.For the men's competition used round Olympic Trap and double trap.The championship among women is defined in the round booth and ladder.

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