Terms run for those who want to lose weight

should gradually start to run, each time adding a bit of time.So you gradually accustom your body to the useful employment, not to harm him.If you are in poor physical shape, during the first runs should not exceed the time limit of 15 minutes, but after a few weeks, it is necessary to run for at least half an hour, otherwise you will not be able to get rid of the extra kilos.

hardier people and those who are in excellent physical shape, it is better to run about 40-45 minutes.Scientists have long proven fact that the fat begins to burn only after 30 minutes of intense racing. While running, be sure to listen to your instincts - if you fe
el bad, it is better to replace a run a fast walk.

to lose weight during the run is also very important to alternate the intensity.You can, for example, run 10 minutes in a weak pace and then for 5 minutes to speed up.That is why those who are struggling with overweight, it is best to run on a hilly area and not on a level road.

believed that the correct diet jogging in the morning - then the body burns calories faster.The best time for this - from 6 to 8 am.Nevertheless, every body is different, so it should determine the time runs independently, based on their health.

also important to run at least 4 times a week, or the effect of the training is not so noticeable in FIG.The daily run is more suited to those who seek, in addition to weight loss, strengthen your immune system. With daily running is very important to follow the above rules, otherwise the body will get used to loads and fat burning will be much slower.

Additional measures for weight loss

Running is undoubtedly good for your health and figure.However, to quickly lose weight, it is important to follow the rules of healthy eating.To begin to refuse any fast food, soft drinks and baked goods.Also useful have small portions, but not less than 4 times per day.

after running should not immediately rush to the fridge and eat chocolate with a clear conscience - consuming more calories than you burn while running, will not soon lead to his goal.It is best to wait an hour or even 30 minutes, then quench the hunger awakened vegetable salad, boiled meat or fish.