you need
  • gymnastic mat
learn how to perform a somersault forward with support on both hands."Once" - the squat, knees closed, hands resting on the hand, are exposed to his feet."Two" - push the head to the knees, the parietal part touching the mat."Three" - building on the floor, do the forward movement.
Proceed to roll forward to building on the right hand."Time" - a ledge right foot, bend your arm at the elbow at the level of the forehead."Two" - lean forward until it stops in the mat folded hand."Three" -
push and perform a roll.
Examine back somersault with a support on hand."Time" - a deep squat back to the gymnastic mat, leaning on hands, which are pre-exposed to the legs."Two" - pushed off hands, perform roll back."Three" - touch the nape of the mat, thus substituting palm closer to the shoulders."Four" - take the starting position - guard, crouching.