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  • - horizontal bar.
So, first you need to choose a place for regular workouts.Ideal - a sports hall with an experienced and qualified coach.But often the adolescent not have their own funds to pay for these services.If you have enough money, the coach will develop for you a training program and advise the right diet food.
Bob muscle in adolescence should be such that the load on the spine was not so great.It is strictly forbidden to do squats, deadlifts, bench presses with dumbbells or barbells standing and lifting barbell biceps to seventeen.Performing these exercises can stop the growth and lay the foundation for diseases of the joints and spine.
Excellent replacement Bench Press - p
ush-ups.Try to make the most of your own body weight exercises.Put your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart, feet should be pulled back, feet parallel to each other.Lift the toes, back and legs should form a straight line.Bend your elbows and linger for a moment at the bottom, go up.Repeat the maximum number of times in the three approaches.Once you have mastered the technique of execution of such a push-start to change the width of the arrangement of the hands, emphasizing the work different muscle groups.When push-ups involving the following muscles: chest, lower back, deltoid and triceps.
hour after breakfast, do pull-ups (not recommended to do push-ups before a meal).For non-trained teens pull seem difficult, even impossible exercise.But after a few months of systematic training you will achieve impressive results.Traditional variant - tightening grip average.The main emphasis is on the forearm flexors, back muscles and biceps.Grasp the bar, the grip should be equal to the width of the shoulders.Hang cross-legged and slightly arch your back.Start tightened, reducing shovels and try to touch the breast bar.Then lower and fully straighten your arms back for a better stretch.Do the maximum amount of exercise.
for recruitment of muscle mass is not necessary to follow a complicated diet.The main thing - to turn the diet of more meat and dairy products, limit the consumption of pastries, sweets, crackers and all sorts of chips.Take vitamin complex.And remember, to create a sports figure in adolescence is much easier than adults.For more serious training with heavy weights can begin after the age of eighteen.