you need
  • - chair;
  • - mat.
Before you begin the exercise program to stretch , a good warm-up, otherwise there is a danger of injury.You will be hard to do the exercises, if you are not warmed up.Spend ten or fifteen minutes of workout on a stationary bike or treadmill.Do swings his arms and legs, jump and squat, the blood in his veins would run intensified.
Set a chair and place your foot on the back of it (if your flexibility does not allow to raise high the leg, put it on the seat).Keeping your back straight, lean forward as far as possible, your knees should be straightened.Fix this position for ten seconds, take the starting position.Repeat with the other leg.Over time it will be possible to incr
ease the height of the instep.This is a great stretch for the lower back and hamstrings.
lay on the floor gym mat and lie down.Bend your left knee and pull his hands to his chest and right.Do the same with the other leg.Then tighten the two knees to his chest and rolled back so that his knees touched his forehead.Take your time, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the neck.Just a week after the daily training, you can touch the knees the floor on either side of the head.This type of exercise stretches the spine and hip ligament develops.
Sit on a chair and straighten your back, legs bent at the knees, knees shifted.Without taking his seat on the buttocks and legs off the floor, turn the torso back and tried to grab with both hands on the chair back.The turn must be strong, secure position for ten seconds.Then rotate the torso to the opposite side.Do not overdo it, accustom your muscles with this exercise slowly and gradually.This is a great stretch for the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck and spine.
Keep torso with exactly straightened her back, right foot Pace far ahead.The left leg should remain at the same straight line (as possible).Sit down, without changing the position of the torso, the left knee should move closer to the floor or touch it.Fix the position for a few seconds and take the starting position, repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.This is a great stretch for the pelvis and legs.Gradually increase the length of the pitch, so you will increase its flexibility.
The most stretched position delayed by at least ten seconds, otherwise this stretch does not make sense.Ideal - to hold the position full minute.During exercise breathe deeply, do not hold your breath.During stretching you should feel some discomfort, but in any case not pain, it is a sign that you have gone too far (in this case, the injury can occur).