you need
  • - proper nutrition;
  • - charge;
  • - water treatment;
  • - running;
  • - dancing;
  • - fitness;
  • - sports games.
To start you will be examined in the diet of their food.If necessary, choose a personalized diet for yourself.Avoid fatty foods, sweets and do not eat before going to bed.Divide food intake into five or six times a day in small portions.So it is much better digested and much less load on the body.Watch out for the water balance, drink a day at least two liters of water.Try to give up eating after six o'clock in the evening, eat as many fruits and vege
tables in their raw form.
every day, getting out of bed in the morning, doing exercises.She beat off drowsiness, strengthen body and will keep you in good shape for the rest of the day.Charging should take no less than fifteen to twenty minutes a day.Poprisedayte, jump, kick their feet to be done, porazvodite hands shake Press.All exercises are performed in tension, if you just stand and languidly waving his arms and legs, no benefit it will bring.After charging a great continuation to you will be a douche.
If you want to create a beautiful body - do not forget about running.Select a distance not shorter than two kilometers.Start jogging slowly, calculate the forces to be enough for the whole distance.To start running once a week, at any convenient time.Then, when it will take some time, and can run two or three times a week.
Join a health club or a dance.These classes include yoga, belly dancing, aerobics and other exercises that can help to increase muscle tone.When visiting these institutions do not have time, turn to your favorite music and dance at home.Dancing not only strengthen muscles but also give you courage and high spirits.
to play more sports games outdoors.Football, beach volleyball will help you not only put himself in excellent shape , but also bring a lot of fun.In addition, playing sports, you absolutely forget that doing physical activity.