first method is usually used when the coup from the scene, as well as connections.By learning the front flip using this method should begin by mastering rotation in tumbling, group and flip forward, received during the respective revolutions.
may be useful several of bringing exercises: Stand on one leg, and the second bend in the group, then grab the bent leg and arm at the same time, tilt your body forward.Grouping, press the shoulder to the knee, and push the heel to the torso bent leg; Rise of the main landing sharply on his toes, hands raise up.Quickly fold his hands behind his head slightly and spring crouch and then jump forward and up, helping himself hand straightening up.When squatting on all foot cease
d not as an exercise of the supply to the front flip can act as flips hurriedly.The spotter should be combined with lifting arms.
This method front flips can be performed without a run, but the movement of hands does not lead to a good a start up.Still, it is better to perform a somersault hurriedly.
The second method is used infrequently.If repulsion feet are performed movements with his hands not because of the head, forward and upward, and even below.Otherwise the method is similar to the first.
In the third method, the main thing - to master the timely and complete arms swing up and back.It must be carried out in such a way that your hands are raised up to the limit, and shoulders bent forward almost.An excellent exercise, you will serve as a supply somersault with a move arms back.Make sure to swing his arms and legs push culminated at the same time.It is advisable to perform a somersault on the dais.Four or five layers of mat - this is something that is necessary.Durable mastered the swing arms, you can begin to implement flip .It's all.