run faster.Compare the best runners on their distances - marafonista and sprinter.Who do you think has a more powerful figure?Look at the anthropometric data of the Olympic champion in London marathon, Stephen Kiprotich and winner of the same Olympic Games in the women's 100 meters, Usain Bolt.First with an increase in 172 cm weighs 56 kg, the second - 94 kg with height 195 cm. The conclusion is clear.Want to have a well-developed muscles - to run short distances at the highest possible speed for you.100, 200, a maximum of 400 meters.Long races are not inflating the muscles.However, the warm-up has not been canceled.A pair of light jogging laps before the main exercise will not interfere.
Use weights.Of course, the sprinters did not acquire muscle mass solely by race.In
the arsenal of a huge number of professionals from special exercises and work out in the gym.If you workout with a barbell is not suitable, then use at least weighting for the feet and hands.You can also wear a backpack with extra weight or run up the hill to the bus bound back from the truck.
engaged in general physical training.Due to run, even with weights can be strengthened substantially only the lower limbs.The upper part of the body during the accelerations involved, to a lesser extent.Feel free to add to their training exercises with their own weight - sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, twisting.If you can, from time to time to visit is the athletic hall and do some exercises with barbell - squats, jumping, bench presses.
Stick to sports diet.In order to pump up muscles by jogging or other type of sports activity, be sure to watch your diet.Consume as many carbohydrates.Also, you should concentrate on foods rich in protein, which contribute to the growth of muscles.