One method that helps us to understand who we really are, is meditation.For example, a meditation on the physical body gives us an understanding that our body is not our Ya Similarly meditation on the subtle and causal body, or the body, leads to the realization that I is not your body.

Once these three levels developed, so we worked with the gross, subtle and causal body, comes the ability to control our bodies.Once we are in his understanding razotozhdestvlyaemsya with our bodies, this skill comes very quickly.

Why did this happen?It comes from the fact that we understand that we and our body are completely different things.Not only do we know it on a theoretical le

vel, the level of confidence in the knowledge that we already can feel!We already know that it is not dependent on the body!And, from what we do not depend, falls under our control!

We can work with the body to the level that if, say, we need something it does not like it, we can easily alter and change the way we want to!If we do not fully realize that it is not dependent on the body, it's like a situation where we ourselves are trying to pull the hair out of the pit.

If we try to control your body at a time when we do not come to the knowledge that we are not this body, these attempts will lead to frustration and failure!We, on the one hand, subconsciously consider ourselves your body, and on the other hand, are trying to manage.This is a contradiction!It turns out the situation, as if in one hand and holding an apple while the other hand tried to snatch it.

All our attempts to control his body until such time as we have not worked in meditation is useless!

There is a film made in the seventies "Indian yogis, who are they?".There's one man drank hydrochloric acid and eating glass.So is stronger ability to control your body!Western man attracted such capabilities.For example, the ability to sit on a bed of nails or walking on broken glass.Such capacity will come on their own at a time when you realize that you are not your own body!

So much for the physical, the gross body.The next stage, when the practice of working with his thin body.When it comes to the understanding that the subtle body is a stranger to you, like clothes, comes the ability to manage their emotions and feelings.This is a very high level of yoga!

Finally, the third stage is the management of your thoughts!This is the highest stage.And people who have achieved it, it is the Master of yoga!It is at this stage, we are already able to control your body!Something we, for example, does not suit us.We can easily change it if we want to!

In the book "Winning Gorokho" talking about what Gorokho to reason with the Master, turned into a woman.He did this because the palace is only allowed dancers.And in this guise Gorokho danced to his teacher until he went out of his clouded state.He then turned to the man.

Yoga tells us that at this level of consciousness is not hard to do!If the axiomatic approach to this issue, it is really not a problem for highly developed soul.Because we do not have sex!In this life we ​​have, for example, a man, and in the next, it can be become a woman.